I am totally unprepared for November First. I’m so glad there are six days left. I still have a lot of work to do. Let me give you the rundown.

  1. Cry excessively.
  2. Buy chocolate to survive.
  3. Buy some form of caffeine to survive.
  4. Research heavily on the topic at had (the killjoy of Historical Fiction).
  5. Finish planning the rest of the plot (I only have three chapters!!!!!!).
  6. Cry some more.
  7. Set everything up and beg people to leave me alone for the next month.
  8. Put together my survival kit.

I’ll be doing the survival kit in a few days time. Two days before the contest begins I’ll be working on building my kit, and showing everybody what it consists of. I’ll even link you to several others I’ve seen on YouTube, so that you can get a solid idea of what a kit looks like, and some inspiration for your kit.

The crying I’ll do tonight into my pillow until I fall into a sleeo plagued with nightmares of losing (just kidding).

The chocolate I won’t get until the day of/after Halloween, because that’s when all the candy goes on major sale, and I can start storing it up for the month. I’m going to need some serious motivation. I’ll probably get some regular snacks, like apples, Goldfish crackers, pretzles, that sort of thing. I really don’t want a sugar rush (or thousands of cavities).

The plotting will come to me as I get the change (mostly during the hour I have during nap time at work. The perks of being a daycare teacher). Also, the research will have to come in waves. I’m hoping to make a stop this week at the library and pick up some books I’ll need. I’m looking forward to those looks.

My setup is a location to write, which I have planned (it’s a total mess right at the moment, though), and my begging will come with time. I may have to use signs posted everywhere. Because, quite frankly, I’m a mess during November.

Part of me is panicking because every time I’ve NaNo’ed during the school year, I fail. Camp NaNo included. Then again, last year I didn’t have school either, so…

It’s only one class, right? I should be able to do this, right?

Let’s hope so. Wish me luck.