It’s been a rough day, but I’m looking forward to getting this done and over with. This week is the Halloween party at work. Ever worked in a day care and had to struggle with toddlers and infants as they screamed and pulled their costumes off and tried to steal their candy just before lunch, and ran around?

Run on sentence? What run-on sentence?

It’ll be fun. This year, I’m working the kitchen seeing as our cook no longer works there, and I’ll be enjoying watching the hot dogs cook as I hang out in kitchen, loving their little costumes. I’m the assistant toddler teacher (mostly, sometimes I work in the nursery), so I cannot wait to see what my kids are all coming as. It’ll be so cute. Not to mention I might be able to sneak a few pieces and nom on them (just kidding, obviously. That’ll be after the kids have all trick-or-treated). My favorite is nap time. That’s when they’re totally silent and quiet, and not obnoxious. Again, I’ll be cleaning up the lunch dishes, which will be a soothing thing to do after everything is all said and done. The first time I did it, I was stuck with the older preschool class (age four), and they were so poorly behaved, that by the time I was done, the only kid that got a special treat at the end was the son of my co-worker, who made our crafts for us at the time (she was a volunteer). Nice lady, good parent.  I’m so glad those days are behind me. Now, I’m a toddler teacher. It’s funny, because the toddlers are more work, but it’s less stressful (that it, until the only child in the complicated costume decided to poop, then we’ve got problems). For example, most of them can barely talk, so they can’t beg. They can cry, but it’s easy to turn off the waterworks with “let’s go play with_____.” Four year olds? Forget it. I love them all dearly, don’t get me wrong. I love working with kids, but man can they be exhausting.

Enough about my paying job, lets talk shop with my blog. I want some feedback, guys. What do you want to see? What should I talk about? This is something new to me, this blogging thing. I’m so new to this, it’s crazy. Not to mention I’ll be adding to my NaNoWriMo load this year by also blogging on top of writing the 50,000 words. I’ll probablh manage. Somehow. Maybe. I’ll need lost of chocolate to reassure me. But I should be okay.

My plan for NaNo, speaking of blogging NaNo, will be to keep all of you updated on my contest piece, hear about your own updates, and maybe offer some advice. I cannot wait to hear about how everyone is doing, and so wish me luck!!!