Last night, I attempted to write at midnight. I failed. I got the prologue done by 12:15, but I was exhausted, and so I closed my computer and went to bed. It was sad, but I got some writing done. I didn’t miss midnight like I did last year. I am so glad. It was hard to get the first 1,667 words out for today’s goal, but what I have is a good start. It’s saved on my hard drive, and everything is ready to go. It’s pretty solid, considering I had to force myself to write the first chapter. But, to be honest, it’s not a bad piece. I’ve got more work to do in the first chapter, but right at the moment, I’m tired. My writing is exhausted, and needs to be replenished. I’m probably going to utilize this time to read up on other writing bloggers, maybe even just read a good book or watch a good movie or something, before I go for that next 1,667 words.

Maybe I should explain the word goal, to my readers who aren’t participants.

The website outlines a word goal of 1,667 words every until November 30, which is the end of the contest. If you can crank at least that out every day, you’ll make the 50,000 word goal. If not, well, don’t worry. NaNo doesn’t push winning so much as it pushes writing. It gives nice prizes if you do, but it’s not like they offer  to publish the finished novel, or they give you money to win. It’s a few extra bucks off of Scrivener (a program for writing things on the computer) or a few dollars off the winner’s t-shirt. Nothing too extravagant. Publishing, I figure, can be my own little separate journey. It’ll probably be a while before that happens.

Well, I’m going to find a way to wind up the old creativity power. In the mean time, keep on writing everyone!