Not a writer was stirring, not even their mouse.

That was bad, sorry. It’s that time of year again, where we sit until midnight, fingers poised, and waiting for the clock to strike midnight. If you’re anything like a lot of us, you’re feeling extremely unprepared, and you’re pretty much running around in circles panicking. Fortunately, I’m hanging around passing candy out to trick-or-treater and watching my sister being a big goof. So my panicking will be put off until later tonight. I have not done a single piece of planning I wanted to, but I figured I could spend my weekends doing that, considering the fact that I’ll eventually need a break.


Okay, I’m rambling. Time to talk about what I need to get done.


Somehow, I need to crank out a first chapter. It shouldn’t be too hard. This first chapter is pretty simple, considering it’s just the opening to the story. It’s not a giant information dump or anything like that. We shall see.


I’ve also considered using a website to post, and maybe even publish my work. If I do decide to go that route, I’ll update everybody on where I’ve done that, and how to find the site.


I’m starting to get nervous. It’s only two hours and fifteen minutes until NaNoWriMo. It’s intense, and it’s real. I’m excited yet terrified. It’s the first time I’ve taken on a historical fiction novel, and I’m hoping for another win. It might get a touch difficult, considering I managed to not do as much research as I’d like (whoops). Then again, I do have weekends! My weekends are going to be jam-packed with research and novel planning, aren’t they?


Well, wish me luck. I’m going to go read something before this contest starts. Maybe I’ll try to remember how to breathe. That’s always a good idea.


Good luck, participants!