Snow, snow, and more snow. Seriously, all it did is snow today. I am blessed to live in Michigan, though. Poor Buffalo, New York and their six feet, was it? Good luck, New York. I hope you guys are doing all right out there.

I haven’t done much writing the past few days, and my excuse is once again that I’ve been tired. But it’s easy to be tired this time of year. It’s cold, and when you cuddle into the blankets and get cozy and warm, then it’s super easy to fall asleep.

I’m going to pretend that’s a completely valid excuse.

To be fair, I have done writing. I just keep forgetting to update my word count. I’m behind ,but I think I’m doing all right. I’m pushing myself big time. I’m going to try and do both camp’s next year as well.

As for the piece itself, I really like my ideas, and the direction my story is taking. I keep coming up with some great pieces, and I cannot wait to see the entire thing fleshed out. I have to find some energy and motivation though. It’ll come to me when I’m busy doing other things, most likely. I’m totally okay with that, though. It gives me time to flesh those ideas out, and rework the details I’d like, and toss the ones I don’t.

After NaNoWriMo is over, I’m going to be doing a lot in terms of organizing and researching the projects I’d like to do. I’d also like to start doing some book reviews. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop me a message or a comment. I’ll even read a book you’ve published, so long as it’s not an M-rated romance. I don’t particularly care for that side of literature, especially if it’s M-rated.

I’m always happy to take blogs on as well. I love to hear from other writers. And, if you aren’t a writer, but maybe a reader or a photographer, I’d love to see your blog too. I’ll look at any kind of story you have to tell, or artwork to display.

For now, though? I think I’m going to bed. Good night, and good luck.