Today, I’m going to make a post more directed to the direction I want this blog to go in. I need a break from writing and my job and school, so I figured I’d tell you my plans on what I’d like to do.

First of all, I’d like to grow the amount of readers. I’m so very grateful for the six of you I’ve got, so please don’t take that personally. But, well, I’d like to reach more of you. I love to hear what others are doing in their books and their writing careers. I’m more than happy to hear from you as well.

I bought this textbook that I never used. It’s called “Real Essays Interactive: A Brief Guide to Writing Essays” by Susan Anker. It looked pretty helpful. A lot of people are looking into reading and writing my work, so I figured I’d give them something I am completely comfortable with sharing. Not to mention, I could really use the critique and the practice.

I’ve talked to all of you about doing book reviews. I’m going to start off with a pile of books I’ve read. I’d also be willing to take suggestions. If any of you have written a book you’d like to see reviewed, or come across something amazing, I’d love to read it! If I can purchase a book to support a fellow author, I’d be more than happy to do so.

I’d like to share my journey through Camp NaNo in April and in July, and see what happens there. I’m looking forward to having all of you join me, and I’d be more than willing to see any of you in my cabin!

I also have a super secret project I’m working on. I cannot wait to see what you guys think of it, but it’s still very much in the works. Don’t worry, I’ll come out with the details soon enough!

If anybody has anything they’d like to suggest, you can contact me somehow and let me know.

Just as a fair warning- December 1st, I’m going to be doing a deep reconstruction of my blog. Not on the content, just the face of my blog. You know, I’d like something a bit more professional and sleek than what I’ve got. It’s pretty bland right at the moment.

That was totally boring, I know, but I figured it was better to keep everyone updated, than just make the changes without any fair warning. Plus, I want people to know what they’re reading, and to know what they’ve got to look forward too.

Have fun, and good luck with NaNoWriMo! I’m out for the night.