So, today was a good day. Went to church, went to breakfast, did some cleaning, finished a bunch of Christmas shopping, helped decorate the Christmas tree, and now I’m going to update this blog.

I have plans to start reviewing books after this week. I have a final to get through first, and will most likely be on solely to take a quick break. I plan on doing these reviews about once a week, just as soon as I can get through a final in business math.

After the new year, my classes are going to go online, and work will probably stay steady for quite some time, so it’ll be hard to update everyone on other things. I do have an ice project I plan on releasing in January or February, something that requires a lot of participation.

Also, there are other things I have planned, but right at the moment I am not addressing them, as I have a few other things to take care of. Until then, have a good night/week.