I know I’ve been absent a lot, but I’m back, and ready to get things going. First things first. I’ve decided to go for a total rewrite of my novel. Just, a complete rewrite. I like this so much better than I did before. It works so much smoother. And I’m cranking it out a lot faster as well, which is nice.

I’ve got lots of research I’d like to do, and lots of books to read. Stay tuned on those.

I’m going to do some book reviews on Friday, called “Book Review Friday” or, BRF. I’ve read a lot sense I got a Kindle, so hopefully that’ll change, and add more to my blog. Thursday’s is the day I may chose to share my work (probably in the form of a prompt). Wednesday is called “Writing Wednesday,” where I talk about my plans and such with my books. Writing Tip Tuesdays is a tip I’ve picked up over the years and liked, that I’ll share with you. Monday’s will probably be general updates. Saturdays and Sundays will have no posts, as I will be preparing the weeks posts.

Well, that’s it for now, so I guess I’ll see you all on Tuesday.