Well, I’ve been absent a lot this week. I’ve had the stomach flu, and I’ve been very, very tired because of it. But, I’m back, and I’d like to explain something.

I wrote a post sometime last week, and it outlined all the details for my blog.

Completely disregard everything but what’s going to happen on Friday. That will still be the day I do the book reviews. I cannot wait to write those.

In the meantime, re-writing me entire novel is working well. It’s smooth, mostly, and I’m loving this angle of the story so much better. I’m working out a situation I never even considered.

Also, who out of you is joining Camp NaNo in April? I’m thinking I’ll use it to work on my Work In Progress, because I can’t start a whole second project. It will not end well. I’m wondering if I can finish this project by the end of April. Seriously, drop me a comment and let me know if you think I’ll get there!

All right, I’ve got some other things to set up, so I’ll catch you tomorrow for the book review. See you tomorrow.