So, today was a snow day. You’d think I’d have done some writing today. But that just didn’t happen. I had homework to catch up on from my Financial Peace University class (Dave Ramsey, a great guy. I suggest trying his stuff out.), and I worked o cleaning up my room. I’ve really got to invest in a desk to work at, so I can get some serious writing done. I’ve seen some really cute study/writing corner’s on Tumblr. I’d like to get myself a neat little place to work. I’ve been working on my bed, which leads to inevitable naps sometimes, and it’s not very comfortable to work, and it’s a mess. I have to figure something else out.

I need some help, though. If you guys have your own cute or cool set-ups that you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to see them. I could use some inspiration. Also, tips are a good idea too. Organizing research and notes, and keeping track of things, and how to keep a desk clean. That sort of thing.

For now, I’m going to go put my FPU stuff away, and get working on some more cleaning and organizing.