Have any of you tried YouTube?

I’m serious. There are so many neat videos out there that help. If you need help plotting, or organizing, or researching. There are so many good videos out there that are super helpful. I’m currently using YouTube to help me plot my novels and get them planned out for a change. Sometimes, you can find plot ideas, or maybe find good writing craft books you could really find useful. YouTube isn’t just for funny cat videos and for the Shaytards and CTFxC to blow up the internet with. There are so many great videos and resources out there. World Building videos, plotting, character set up.

The nice part, is it’s visual. It’s easier for many of us to see something as they talk about it. Reading about these things aren’t always the best ways, and visual examples can help as well. It’s nice to see people spread their tips and tricks around, in an easily accessible way.

Seriously, utilize that side of YouTube. You won’t regret it.