Today’s topic will be a piece of advice. Advice I’ve learned over the many years I’ve worked and re-worked the same story.

Don’t give up. Keep writing. If it doesn’t look good, write a portion of it different to how you normally would. Take a different character’s point of view. Change a romantic pairing. Kill a different character. You’ll be surprised at how much that can change things.

My current Work In Progress (WIP) didn’t start off in the Point Of View (POV) of the Main Character (MC). In fact, the previous MC was the best friend to the current MC. I changed things around quite a lot. Seth, my current MC, was different in the first draft. Before I finished draft two, I overhauled the entire novel and changed things drastically. Even the ending is different. It was good motivation, and I’m already getting closer and closer to where I want to be (the end). In about six months I’m halfway through the book. Last time, It took me over a year to get to the end of the original draft.

Sometimes, when you’re really struggling, or when you really are stuck, it’s a good exercise to keep your brain going, and sometimes you’ll find that it’s what your story needed to go from good, to fantastic.