It’s official- I’m a part-time freelance writer.

I decided to try my hand at freelance writing. I signed up at a few websites, and began sending in proposals. I got one where I wrote about freestyle rapping, and I’m working on another series that’s a Western Historical Romance. I’ve never done romance, so this is a first. So far, it’s going smoothly. I’m excited to get some commissions.

My dream right now is to start freelancing enough that I could very easily quit my job, and go full time. For the concerns of a lack of car, my health, and the fact that writing is my dream job, would be the reasons why I really want to do this. This is what I live for, and of course I’ll still work on my own novels for publishing.

I’m going to attempt to create some advertising as well, so that I can build up my career as a freelance writer. In the meantime, I’ll still be chasing around two year olds and changing dirty diapers to pay the medical bills.

I’ll see you in the next post.