i decided to upgrade the MacBook air into an iMac 21 inch screen. I’m loving the size of the screen so much better. It’s easier to write on, and I can see so much better. My work will not suffer with a tiny screen. i’ve also bought a new desk and chair at Big Lots to host my new toy.

As for my freelance work, I’m beginning to catch up. I’ve gotten about two chapters written today, and I’ve applied to a giant pile of jobs as well, which I hope to hear from soon. In  the meantime, I’m hoping that jobs will start coming in sooner.

I’ve been a little under the weather this week, and as a result, I’ve wound up with two days off my job. Good for the health, bad for the paycheck. Ah, well. I’ll probably make up for it by working more hours than I ever wanted next week.

I’ll keep everyone else updated, but I’m debating on switching over to a new, improved, and better blog. One that’ll incorporate a lot more, and will kind of house different aspects of my life. I haven’t 100% made my mind up yet, but it’ll happen before it’s time to renew my domain name this year. I’m going to plan out what I want, and the basic concepts behind my new blog, and I’ll probably let everyone know the new location before the year is through, provided I decide to make the switch. I want to add some better and new content to it, amongst other things. Just bear with me for the moment, because I’ve got a pile in my inbox stacked to the ceiling, and I have to power through my overwhelming to do list. Sometimes, this diabetes really kicks my butt, and other days, I’m motivated and on top of the world. Soon, that should get better as I get a better grip on my new life.

Well, I better go apply for some more freelance work before I’m too tired and burnt out to do anymore. See you guys next post.