So, I finished book one of  this ten-book freelance project I’ve done.

It still needs to be edited through, but I’m beginning that process tomorrow, after my appointment with the dietician (ugh). I’m on my way to greatness here!

Just kidding. But I am on my way to book two, which hopefully won’t have another technological setback like the last one. I’ve got a few details already, but I need to work out the rest. Also, I should probably get some sleep before beginning another project, and utilize the last of my 30 day timeframe to make sure the book is 100% ready.

In the meantime, I’ve been applying here and there- I decided to slow down on the applications, and start building my portfolio. I think I’d like to write a few essays and short stories, maybe a couple of poems (like that’ll turn out decent, psh.). I need to show what I am capable of, and then maybe people would be more willing to hire me.

So, with that being said, I need to create a list of ideas for my new portfolio, and start writing them. Maybe this is the right push I’ll need to reinvent my life, and become the writer I’ve always wanted. Wish me luck, guys. I’m going to need it.