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Looking for extra tips?

Have any of you tried YouTube?

I’m serious. There are so many neat videos out there that help. If you need help plotting, or organizing, or researching. There are so many good videos out there that are super helpful. I’m currently using YouTube to help me plot my novels and get them planned out for a change. Sometimes, you can find plot ideas, or maybe find good writing craft books you could really find useful. YouTube isn’t just for funny cat videos and for the Shaytards and CTFxC to blow up the internet with. There are so many great videos and resources out there. World Building videos, plotting, character set up.

The nice part, is it’s visual. It’s easier for many of us to see something as they talk about it. Reading about these things aren’t always the best ways, and visual examples can help as well. It’s nice to see people spread their tips and tricks around, in an easily accessible way.

Seriously, utilize that side of YouTube. You won’t regret it.


Camp NaNoWriMo

Okay, guys, next month is April, and I’ve decided i’m opting out of Camp next moth. There are two now, the real one being in July. I might participate in that, but we’ll see, guys. I’m super excited to see what is in stores then, and I really want to hear about your thoughts, and your ideas! Drop them in the comments!

I’ve got some cool ideas flowing, I just need time to do them. The re-write of my novel is looking amazing, by the way. I’m getting so far in it already, and it’s almost entirely smooth sailing!. Can’t wait to get it edited.

I’ve got to run and do homework, but I’ll see you later!

I’ve been gone a long time.

And I didn’t intend for this to happen. But I took on some tough classes, and needed to focus my attention on them. Fortunately, one is web design. So, I’m hoping I can use my new skills to update the layout and change around the coding.

I’ll be getting back to more of those book reviews as soon as possible. After the semester is over, I’m taking a day to recharge my batteries, and focus on myself. Then, I’ll try to balance things better.

I’m not participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this semester, but I will be in July. I will always take questions then. Feel free to drop them in the comments section.

I’ll be seeing you guys. Until next time.

Don’t Give Up.

Seriously. Don’t do it. Even if you have to write your book a thousand times, or get it back and every page is covered in ink, or you run out of ideas and your paper is literally filled with “potatoes” a thousand times.

Don’t close the document and never write again. Don’t put away your notes and fill your days with a meaningless day job and bad soap operas (granted, please get a job and a hobby aside from writing to keep from going insane). Keep pushing. It’s worth it.

JK Rowling was rejected by something like twelve people before she finally struck gold. She was consistently rejected and pushed away, before she finally hit it hard. Millions of kids now read her book, not to mention their parents. Don’t. Give. Up.

You could be the next JK Rowling or Steven King. Don’t expect to get that level of fame overnight, or even over the course of two years. Not everyone gets so lucky. But make sure you work hard, and aim for all the right goals.

Good luck, and get off my blog. Don’t you have a book to write?

Find a System

If i could ever give you one good piece of writing advice, one that any non-published and published writer could give you, it would be to find a system that works for you.

I use WriteWayPro (I am not affiliated with them, and this is not a publicity scam) to build my novels. Some people use Scrivener. Others will use Word, OpenOffice (which happens to be the only one of these programs which costs you nothing). Some stick with word processors and the occasional typewriter or good old fashion notebooks.

The machine you use isn’t what’s important, it’s how it works for you. If extensive notes more impressive than the valedictorian’s biology notes with every color Sharpie pen and neon sticky notes and intricate maps and drawings are what work for you, then by all means, do it.

You want to keep things organized and easily accessible. I can be the first to tell you that writer’s brains can be very disorganized. You want to write every story that pops into your head, but keeping everything straight isn’t easy. A system of notes to keep track of all your ideas is the best way. A small notebook in your purse, or a Bluetooth keyboard to that tablet your significant other surprised you with for your birthday. Some even use voice recorders. Just find a way to remember those cool, impressive details.

For Harry Potter fans like myself. The entire series could have been very different if JKR wasn’t too shy to ask for a pen. She’d have remembered those details, and maybe Voldemort would have been someone even different. Harry could have been different. We will never know.

Your story could change, and, while it worked out for Harry Potter and Co., it could damage your story from the chance. I’m not saying keep every tiny little insignificant detail. What I’m asking is that you have a system that works for you.

I’m still looking for mine to keep general notes. My novels are fleshing out in WriteWay, but my other ideas I’m still working. That will take time, so don’t rush it, and don’t force it with “Well, that’s good enough.” No, allow for growth and change. You grow and change, so why shouldn’t your writing techniques and notekeeping ways?

Snow Day

So, today was a snow day. You’d think I’d have done some writing today. But that just didn’t happen. I had homework to catch up on from my Financial Peace University class (Dave Ramsey, a great guy. I suggest trying his stuff out.), and I worked o cleaning up my room. I’ve really got to invest in a desk to work at, so I can get some serious writing done. I’ve seen some really cute study/writing corner’s on Tumblr. I’d like to get myself a neat little place to work. I’ve been working on my bed, which leads to inevitable naps sometimes, and it’s not very comfortable to work, and it’s a mess. I have to figure something else out.

I need some help, though. If you guys have your own cute or cool set-ups that you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to see them. I could use some inspiration. Also, tips are a good idea too. Organizing research and notes, and keeping track of things, and how to keep a desk clean. That sort of thing.

For now, I’m going to go put my FPU stuff away, and get working on some more cleaning and organizing.

Book Review

I apologize for the lateness. I was having some internet issues with my blog.

My book review today is going to be a book called “Section Three,” by George Valentina. The main character is a girl named Laura, who moves out of the home of her alcoholic father, and into her own world. She begins to love her job, until she loses that and her father all in the same day. Eventually, she starts to date an old classmate named Sam. After a while, things aren’t as they seem wit him, and she isn’t so sure about him anymore.

This book is seriously one of the coolest books I’ve ever read. Seriously, the ending made me freak. It was so awesome, and I couldn’t have asked for a better story. I liked Laura, and I liked the way she carried herself. She definitely behaved and acted like an adult, and even going freelance with her fashion career? I’d do it.

That being said, the book seemed to be a little too face-paced. At times, it felt like the author was rushing through certain parts. The nice thing was, there were no long, slow, boring parts! Also, there were a few things in the beginning that made it seem like the story was going to be different, but they were very unimportant by the end, and I’m not sure why they were mentioned. It could have been a red herring, and if that’s the case, then they were excellently placed.

Overall, I’d grade this book as an A, because it had a solid main character, and a great story line.

If you want to buy the book,or read other reviews, just click here for more.

Excuses, and plans

Well, I’ve been absent a lot this week. I’ve had the stomach flu, and I’ve been very, very tired because of it. But, I’m back, and I’d like to explain something.

I wrote a post sometime last week, and it outlined all the details for my blog.

Completely disregard everything but what’s going to happen on Friday. That will still be the day I do the book reviews. I cannot wait to write those.

In the meantime, re-writing me entire novel is working well. It’s smooth, mostly, and I’m loving this angle of the story so much better. I’m working out a situation I never even considered.

Also, who out of you is joining Camp NaNo in April? I’m thinking I’ll use it to work on my Work In Progress, because I can’t start a whole second project. It will not end well. I’m wondering if I can finish this project by the end of April. Seriously, drop me a comment and let me know if you think I’ll get there!

All right, I’ve got some other things to set up, so I’ll catch you tomorrow for the book review. See you tomorrow.

“Pens and Pencils” The Response

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”

To be quite honest with you, if I’m short on computer time (like on break at work, for example), then I find myself needing a place to write, and I’ll pick up my pen and a notebook. I would really like to go back to the days where I wrote on pen and paper, and where I did my work all in one notebook, that was so mangled by the time I was done with it, it looked like my dog had attempted to play fetch with it. I only exclusively wrote in notebooks until I was well into high school. It was easier to carry with me, but then when they fell apart, I’d wind up carrying around lots of binders. I’d like to try it again with another WIP, because it eliminated a TON of distractions. The problem is, my handwriting it terrible. Maybe I’ll stick to computers. I could get a typewriter, hahaha. 

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